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as president obama looked on from the pew the some conservatives in washington want to return to the bad old days of segregation or something. joining us is charles krauthammer. i don't want to put words in your mouth. i was down in caribbean and i kind of got the gist that you weren't that upset about this. as some people were. >> is that true? >> i'm afraid heads will have to roll in your research department. i was pretty rough on the pastor. i thought what he did was disgraceful. i think i called it libel. and it was actually quite an echo of what ted kennedy said when robert bork, remember when he was nominated within minutes kennedy was on the floor of the senate saying robert bork's america is in america where blacks can't be served at the counter. where women have back room abortions. and the pastor at this church essentially said the same thing. it's a racist country. racist, sexist, blames it on the religious right and it was a libel. it was a slander of the first order. the question was was obama somehow complicit in this because he didn't object before or afterwards my answer is w
about a washington pastor injecting race into the easter services attended by president obama. we'll talk to charles about that. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the left-wing media, rush lame because, and me. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the two people, the liberal media fear most are radio guy rush limbaugh and me, your humble correspondent. that's because we both have powerful daily forums where we can explain what we believe is harmful to the country. recently on the net a number of left-wing media folks have tried to drum up a phony feud, citing divisions within the so-called conservative community. like they point to me and limbaugh as the primary example. the reportage is simply dishonest. the loons are taking my commentary out of context as they always do. i mean both mr. limbaugh and i literally say millions of words on the year each year. it's simple to distort them. especially for readers who have no blanking clue who n
jump protocol and invite the young man to washington for a dinner and sit down and have obama talked to him or the secretary of state man to man. all they can do is say no. all good questions. have you been back to north korea? host: he is gone. sorry about that. as our calller looked across, he would have found north of rio was probably more prosperous than self reappear yen since that time, south korea has become a success story. north korea is still back in the time warp of 1965. so it is different on the korean peninsula now than it did then. i think that obviously has an impact on the situation we're dealing with. i do not know whether kim jong- un speaks english. i do not think others have met him. i suppose he studied english at least during the brief time he was in school in switzerland. i would not be surprised if he knows some english. question of china providing what north korea needs actually needs to be turned around. i think many of us think that china has been too indulgent of north korea and so willing to provide food, fuel, and other kinds of assistance that it has e
washington. peter? >> that's right. sources confirm the obama administration launched a broad push to get mortgages to people with weaker credit records and provide banks with a taxpayer guarantee that they won't make their payments. sources say the administration is working with banks, the federal housing administration, the justice department, and other agencies to help home buyers with lower credit scores, but who might not be able to make mortgage -- who might be able to make mortgage payments now, but can't qualify because the bank is still cautious and tight with the lending standards. critics worry is sews seeds for another financial crisis and taxpayer bailout. >> this is a bad mistake, and it was shown to be a bad mistake by what happened in 2008. we would not have had a financial crisis if we had not followed policies that were intended to increase home ownership by making financing available to people who otherwise would not be able to get mortgages. >> the boom and bust were not caused by providing 30-year fixed rate mortgages to generally qualified families. it was caused by
, they talk about michelle obama. there are so many outlets that traditionally have no interest in washington because washington is traditionally thought of as boring and stale. but the sex appeal for better or worse, in the past four years has significantly upticked. >> from politico this evening, from the click column people watching in washington, d.c., the head library is that the daughter of senator mccain gets a tv show. we go to glen. >> thank you very much. i want to say about the comment about the appearance of politicians and that kind of thing. one, i guess that means the old chi shea that politics is -- chee shea that politics is show showiche that politics is business. over.gly people is i kind of disagree with you. i don't care what these people look like or anything like that. i don't think most people do. underestimating the audience, which i think is a big problem. that's where you get a lot of this nonsense because of the powers at be, what sleep shea you want to use -- cliche you want to use. by and large, most people wouldn't if they thought it has a drastic impact on thei
debate on gun reform, president obama is looking for support outside of washington d.c. yesterday at a police academy not far from the site of last year's theater shooting in colorado, the president focused on universal background checks saying his goal is not to take firearms away from their owners. >> the opponents of some of these common sense laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners that have nothing to do with what's being proposed and nothing to do with the facts. but feeds into the suspicion about government. if there are any folks who are out there right now who are gun owners and you've been hearing that someone has taken away your guns, get the facts. we're not proposing gun registration system. we're proposing background checks for criminals. >> one of the most fascinating parts of the speech was when he talked about michelle saying if i lived in a rural area and i lived on a farm, i would want a gun in my house. he was talking about this is not about keeping guns away from people. michelle was talking to the president. the president by extension understan
washington. peter? >> hey, cheryl, that's right. sources confirm the obama administration launched a broad push to get mortgages to people with weaker credit records to help them and housing market as interest rates are at record lows. critics worry it's reviving the risky lending practices that created the financial crisis, but the administration, according to the sources, is working with banks, and the federal housing administration, the justice department, and other agencies to help people who want to buy a home, and they may is a lower credit score right now, but they might be able to make a mortgage payment, and they can't qualify because banks are still being very cautious and tight with their lending standards. >> it's very important for lenders to underwrite carefully and make sure that a person can afford the loan across the entire term of the loan. this effort does nothing to change that. all it does is loosen the credit a little bit to get it to more people who can afford a loan. >> unless we understand what caused the 2008 financial crisis, we're going to make the same mistake
. this morning on c-span, "washington journal" with the latest political news. live at 12:30 eastern, defense secretary chuck hagel delivers his first major speech at the national defense university. and at 5:00 p.m., president obama from the denver police academy, where he'll speak about preventing gun violence. in 45 minutes on "washington journal," alan gomez of "usa today" gives an update on bipartisan efforts to create comprehensive immigration legislation. at 8:30 a.m. eastern, more on immigration legislation with oris meissner. and at 9:15 eastern, our spotlight on magazines features
in washington with the vice president joe biden. he outlined the obama administration efforts to expand export opportunities for american companies. this is 35 minutes. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome the vice president of the united states, joe biden. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> good afternoon, chairman, members of the board of directors, and ladies and gentlemen. my name is jeneane. i am the founder and the co-owner of miss jenny's pickles to read our headquarters are located in corners all north carolina. i am so honored and so grateful to be introducing vice president joe biden, our keynote speaker. but before i do i would like to share our story. miss jenny's pickles was born after our business partner and i were laid off during the recession. we took a family recipe, and we start our own company. in the beginning we grew our own cucumbers and we jarred every jar. our partnership was formed with a local ymca to use their kitchen. we knocked on doors for the stores to carry our pickles and we were in 50 stores by 2010. by the end of 2011, we were carried into hundred stores, and by th
in the sand like an ostrich. we saw on the "washington post" an article, obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit. a frequent guest on my program said that would open the flood gates to risks and send us back to the path we were just trying to recover from. really? listen. young people, maybe it's better to rent for a while. when i was young, rates were 15%, 16%, you rent for a while. we don't need more tampering. it didn't work out the first time. back to you, david. >> it certainly did not, mr. santelli. what words of advice would they give for the smart phones today? tweet us and we'll air your responses next. welcome to the new new york state. what's the "new" in the new new york? a new property tax cap... and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over 250,000 new private sector jobs were created over the last two years. and 17 straight months of job growth. with the most private sector jobs ever. lower taxes, new incentives, new jobs, now that's
for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> the obama administration is pushing for banks to make home loans available to americans with weaker credit. cnbc's eamon javers joining us now with more of the details. eamon? >> good evening, brian. the "washington post" reported this story this morning. let me walk you through the details of what they say is a campaign by obama administration officials to push banks to loosen their lending standards when it comes to home mortgages. the "post" saying that the obama administration wants those banks to begin to lend again post-crisis. they say they've ratcheted the standards up too high and they want the banks to use those taxpayer-backed programs that enable them to do it and they're also urging the department of justice to reassure banks they won't be subject to prosecution or investigation if they move toward lending to people with lower credit scores. apparently, obama administration officials now feeling that some of the bank loan requirements of 20% down and near pristine credit scores are too high and that's hurting the housing recovery
the united states. "washington journal" is live with your calls and e-mails next. ♪ host: that line this morning, obama publishes planned to build roads and bridges. good morning and welcome to this edition of the "washington journal." today is saturday, march 30, 2013. peter baker writes -- useppa proposals to generate money construction projects. that is what we want to talk about the first 45 minutes paying to improve america's infrastructure. 585-3880. for democrats. call us ats can 202-585-3882. you can reach out was with social media. for twitter, @cspanwj. is in thise of what morning's new york times -- we want to show you a little bit about what the president had to say. first, we will take some calls regarding paying to improve america's infrastructure. the first call is from james in riverside, california. caller: good morning. about the you think president's planned? they are proposing a marriage of public and private investment to pay for construction projects. caller: it sounds like a beautiful place -- plan. i love the way obama is very articulate
jobs numbers caused the market stumble. his assessment of the obama economy. lori: welcome back. good friday evening. i'm lori rothman, filling in for lou dobbs on assignment hosting an awards dinner in washington d.c. the dedicated to helping disadvantaged young people overcome adversity through hard work and determination by providing academic scholarships and mentoring programs. lovely evening. can't wait to hear more about it. a tough day for economic news. well of the worst levels of the session. lost 41 points. the s&p down seven. now on the week, the comeback at the end of the day felt just shy of a positive week with the index down less than a tenth of a percent. however, but the snb and nasdaq turned in their worst weekly losses of the year. s&p 501% and the nasdaq down 2%. boeing is completing the certification testing for its new battery system on that long troubled 787 dream liner. the data now goes to the faa. boeing stock up nicely on that news. prices rose up $23.50. oil fell to below $93 a barrel. treasurys, big move. the ten year down again, a new low for the year. fa
with presidents. if there was a stigma you wouldn't see michelle obama at the oscars. i think this stigma mass gone away with this presidency. but the reality is, you know, you see a spike in the celebrity in washington, d.c. you've seen a spike in celebrity coming to washington, d.c. the fact that "tmz" is talking about barbara walters is more in their wheel house, they talk about paul ryan, they talk about president obama, they talk about michelle obama. there are so many outlets that traditionally have no interest in washington because washington is traditionally thought of as boring and stale. but the sex appeal for better or worse, in the past four years has significantly upticked. >> from politico this evening, from the click column people watching in washington, d.c., the head library is that the daughter of senator mccain gets a tv show. we go to glen. >> thank you very much. i want to say about the comment about the appearance of politicians and that kind of thing. one, i guess that means the old chi shea that politics is -- hee shea that politics is show business. i kind of disagree
is what a senator from that state says -- and "the washington times" has this headline this morning -- a couple of other stories, president obama tells donors about the tough politics on the environment. the new york times reports that the president was at the home of an outspoken critic of the keystone xl pipeline. on sunday 149 air-traffic control towers are slated to close. the governor of -- andd and congressmen the house's minority whip trent this in "the baltimore sun." we have been talking about the headlines in the paper, including this one in "the new york times." social programs are facing a cut back under president obama's budget. last caller on this topic in the spurt, virginia. -- in leesburg virginia. caller: those calling and saying we should pay into payroll tax -- that is nonsense. it is a pay-as-you-go system. for those receiving benefits right now -- there is no lock box. it is nonsense. second point, the military theet is a majority of discretionary portion of the budget. over all it is a very small portion of the budget. i think what is important, i like the gen
of violence days after from returning to march in washington d.c. for the inaugural parade for barack obama. we bring her forward because even at the national mall as the space of healing, the symbolic justice granted for those of us can only be guaranteed further with further forms of action beyond the maps of the boundaries to carry forward through tragedy and transformation we say the names of michael eric dyson and scholars and leaders have taught me and so many others so much about intellectual inquiry expose the head and a heart in zero ways between people. to the 250,000 attendees of the march whose names we don't know well enough, we hope to know more of you. we want to hear your stories and we want to be able to record them and to seek them out as our history as well as our pathway for work. -- forward. finally leonard freed whose photographs confirmed a profound duty and historical significance of the cabinet -- gathering with action and democratic transformation in his memory and with photographs to inform our future we say his name name, leonard freed come and express our gratit
in as speaker. i think the american people want to see, you know, a check and a balance in washington. we're about to see the implementation of obama care right now. people who are making premiums now struggling. small businesses, employees, looking to see how they're going to get covered. it's going to be a real challenge, this administration. i think we have a lot of room for improvement on that. as far as the budget is concerned, i am in a wait and see mode whether this white house is very serious about coming together. >> it looks like it would be the same, implying the same day the president offered boehner last time. that's already gone through. that deal with 28% cap on deductions for the wealthy. so the same deal maybe on the entitlement side with additional taxes on the other side. >> the funny thing is, joe, there's a lot that the two sides agree on in washington. for the life of me i can't understand why we don't see the white house come forward and embrace things. >> you don't have to agree on everything. you do everything you want the last two years. >> what are the things yo
for a stronger economy, president obama raising taxes, and congress trying to cut spending like the 1937 congress did. the number on the heels of a ridiculous and dangerous sequester issue, stopped the economy on its tracks and washington ex-bernanke is doomed to making the same mistakes of 1937 washington. we never hear any you are juurg. on "squawk on the street" i asked what will change this number? keystone pipeline, he didn't go there. blamed congress. perfect. we owe ben bernanke a huge debt of gratitude. he knew we weren't out of woods. everything in the power to try to change the course of events and the only person doing it. typical for those who have jobs and tend to be rich and are worried about their own wealth, bernanke worried about creating jobs and doesn't want a permanent underclass. he may be the only grownup in washington. and he may recognize that he runs the risk of inflation or seconding interest rates sky high. he could sell every bone the fed owns today as huge profit. the rest of the world so much trouble, they want our bonds. my hope after today, we can stop playing the
in government policy. monday, washington base investment firm hype securities had a report predicting the obama administration would reverse course op big spending cuts that would have hit health insurers. they skyrocketed by 8.5%, a half hour later. the government announced the change in policy the report predicted. while the incident is throwing a spotlight on the controversial political intelligence industry, today's report by the investigative arm of congress concludeed the area is murky saying, quote, the prevalence of the sale of political intelligence is not known and therefore difficult to quantify. while currently little prevents lobbyists and washington insiders from gathering information, top congress could supplement existing gyps and laws to create stricter regulation. melissa: the washington post traveled the 1700 mile route and wrote about the experience in the recently published e-book, and, steve, what inspired you to do this? >> well, just seemed like a good way to bring this object to life rather than sit here and talk about whether or not this piece of paper was going to be
obama. magazine, theyle traditionally have no interest in washington because they think it is stated, boring, and still, but the sex appeal, for better or worse, in the past four years, it has significantly increased. megan and on politico, mccain, the daughter of senator john mccain, getting a television show. caller: i'd like to say a few things about professor hall's comments about the appearance or real appearance of politicians. i guess that kind of means the old cliche that politics is show business for ugly people is kind of over. more seriously though, i kind of disagree. i do not care what any of these people look like or anything like that and i do not care and i think it kind of underestimates the obvious, which i think is really a big problem here. get thisre you nonsense because the powers that be, whatever it cliche you want to use, they do not think people want to see this serious news. i think if you do put out serious news on a regular basis, by and large, most people would if they thought it had some direct impact on their life. we are talking about the decline in t
. take a look at reaction -- we'll keep an eye on the reaction today. >>> obama administration pushing u.s. banks to make more home loans to people with weaker credit. sounds like stories of the past. "the washington post" reports the president's economic advisers say the housing market is leaving too many behind as it rebounds especially young people looking to buy their first home and those whose credit reports were hurt by the recession. housing officials are urging they won't face penalties to people who later default. it opens the door to risky lending that led to the housing crisis in the first place. the same is happening here in britain. >>> bp put its wind power business up for sale. the unit is worth $1.5 billion is a retreat from alternative energy to focus on core oil and gas operations. wind power is one of the largest renewable businesses and bp is among the largest u.s. wind generators. shares are just fractionally higher in london today. that's outperforming the market. hash tag earnings. s.e.c. making a big decision regarding company news and social media. bertha coombs
. president obama announced he'll return 5% of the salary in support of federal workers who will be furloughed. 5% is off the 400,000 take home pay equals $20,000. joining us from washington, d.c., what say you about this, mr. moore? >> great to be with you. look, it's a smart political move by the president. he was coming under attack from a lot of republicans for not being, you know, susceptible to same cut in salary that federal workers are, and i think this is a shrewd political move. members of congress should take a 5% cut. i'd permanently cut that pay by 5%. just in terms of fairness, and i hate to use that word, but i think it's a very good policy. dagen: in terms of the political momentum, how much does he get? when you say "shrewd," i think it means we'd have long lasting impact on the political pop pew particularity, think it will? >> maybe. it's a small gesture, but important. i applaud him for it. i'm not saying he's doing this for political reasons. i think he does feel kind of a brotherhood with the federal employees, and, look, i live in washington, d.c., people on my street ar
on today's "washington journal." host: here is the new york times this morning. social programs are facing a cutback in the obama budget. president obama will formally propose cuts in his annual budget to demonstrate his willingness to compromise with republicans and revise prospects for a long-term deficit deal. that is according to administration officials. mr. obama will send a budget to capitol hill that will embody the final compromise that he made to speaker john boehner late last year before mr. john boehner abandoned negotiations in opposition for president obama's request for higher taxes on individuals and other corporations. from the "financial times you see president obama set to outline a curve on tax breaks. it says mr. obama is expected to hold his second dinner in two months with republican senators after his budget is released on april 10. the president's budget is expected to move more to the center, including a less generous calculation of inflation and some new government health savings the republicans have been pushing for. the washington times has this headline. the c
to president obama valerie jarrett. she spoke wednesday as part of the atlantic's women in washington series. her comments are just under an hour. >> thank you, elizabeth. thank you very much and all of you for being here. thank you, valerie. i will take you a couple of things about her before we get started. full disclosure, we used to work together on the first obama presidential campaign. now i get the chance to ask her all those questions that i always wanted to ask. [laughter] valor is a senior adviser to president obama. she oversees the white house office of public engagement, an important office to the president. also the head of the council on women and girls. she was the senior official in many capacities in the city of chicago and was the chief executive officer of the habitat company. she is a lawyer and has practice in a couple of law firms. she has gone from law to private business and now to the very top position, one of the very top positions in the white house. one of the most senior roles ever played by any woman in the white house. let's start there with that very issue, w
difficult is this for the administration? we have a poll think if president obama wanted to reinstate the white house tours he would have the power to do that, 63%. what does that tell us about the political implications? >> there is a cynicism about washington in general. the administration just applied to congress and everyone would blame congress for things. that is pretty good reflex to blame congress. people are suspicious and cynical about the white house. and people do think there are games being played here. martha: yeah. we'll see. what kind of impact that has and you know, every president has, you know, certain amount of credibility and credit that they can sort of call in. we'll see whether or not it was injured to any extent by this exercise. rich, thank you. >> thank you, martha. you too. bill: we know a judge is clearing athe way for a big city in america to file for bankruptcy. this could mean big changes for retirement plans for a lot of people. so we're wondering whether or not this is just the beginning? martha: it is not "baywatch." it is a supermodel turned superhe
this is a washington, and that's why i blame this number on them. >> do you think this is a sequester effect? the payroll tax and the increase for the rich. >> this as president obama gets set to announce his budget proposal this week. let's bring in john harwood. >> reporter: good morning, david. this jobs number will play directly into the political arguments as jim cramer suggested, and as jan hatzius suggested a moment ago when he talked about how sequester may have had a modest effect on this jobs number, but it will have more over time. that matches what president obama has said over and over including at this press briefing earlier this year. >> the longer these cuts remain in place the greater the damage to our economy. slow grind that will intensify with each passing day. and then right on cue, alan krueger, he ratcheted up that criticism of washington echoing jim cramer. >> the economy's continuing to heal. what we need to do in washington is avoid self-inflicted wounds. most importantly, they y isequ, the congressional budget office estimates it will reduce job growth by 750,000
you turn it around like they're trying to blame us we the people. it's washington's problem that has taken our money and spent on something else. on paul ryan's budget you have talked a lot about paul ryan's budget now let's talk about president obama's budget that got voted down 99-0. let's talk about that. and on the constitution you guys the number one thing for this federal government to do is to protect this country and now they're talking about cutting defense. that's where we should be more powerful is right in our defense budget. thank you. guest: what would really be helpful to eliminate on the first point the relationship between the budget and social security. and you understand that cold. guest: right. guest: if you can explain it briefly. guest: social security was a separate trust fund not really part of the overall budget in the 1969. there was a commission lyndon johnson actually started the commission but the change was made during the nixon administration. social security is part of what's now known as the unified budget but it is still a separate trust fund. whenev
they vote orlando johnson not vote -- or not voting on and screwing up in washington, d.c.. >> media has consequences. people are informed and misinformed. from the "obama -- "baltimore sun," and i covered chemical belts, plants blew up, and i asked why it kept happening. he said the problem is what's killing us is not what we don't know, but what we know. the american public knows a lot of things that are so, like how the government works, how politics work, and they actually don't. >> right. >> you know? gets to the question of sort of obligation, i mean, are we crowding out stuff that would batter inform them? are we, you know, should we be using their obsession with celebrity to better inform them? >> in a strange way, i think that, actually, that's the upside of everything you talk about. look, maybe a lot of people have it wrong, but i'm a great, great -- i'm not a great believer in the church of journalism, okay? i've known too many journalists, too many people behave in too many bad ways, and in a very primitive interpretation, i think it was john stewart who many, many years ago
for miscalculations. >> host: we are spending most of this morning's "washington journal" talking about north korea. we are talking with michele flournoy and former defense undersecretary for policy. she worked for the obama administration. coming up next, we will be talking with an ambassador who served in south korea. .. to strike potentially, and our base infrastructure in the region. they have a lot of hardware. i think the estimates are that there are elements of the ground forces that are ready but that they would have difficulty in terms of logistics and sustainment in any kind of prolonged conflict. i don't think anyone believes that they would ultimately be successful or they to launch aggression. the problem is even if they were defeated ultimately by the south koreans with the united states and others in support of, there are very high casualties on both sides and obviously no one wants to see that. >> this is a chart and it shows different sites in north korea, underground nuclear test sites. it has missile sites come suspected kunkel weapons sites. what's our intelligence about this ar
this morning's washington journal talking about immigration and gun control. >> host: editor and pub publisher "the nation." thank you for joining us. social program face a cut back in president obama's budget. we expect to see this released next week. and the article says that the president plans to propose a new inflation formula that would have the effect of reducing cost of living payment for social security benefits. there would be protections for those in the low-income bracket and old beneficiary. what do you think about this? >> guest: we have seen the new job numbers come in this morning, and every time those numbers dip, i think it's now 7.6% this morning, it's a hopeful sign that there's a recovery kicking in to place. i think the misplaced obsession with debt and deficit which the social security cut is part of is just crazy. social security, by the way, shouldn't be in the same sentence with the word deficit. the social security has nothing to do -- >> we're going kick it off now. i've within told to keep it to an hour. we're going try to do that. i'm jody schneider. i'm the team
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